- Clinical Nutrition
    Nutrition and the therapeutic use of foods have always been a cornerstone of naturopathic medicine.  A growing body of scientfic knowledge in this area is reflected in numerous proessional journals of nutrition and dietary sciences, validating the naturopathic approach to diet and nutrition.  Many medical conditions can be treated as effectively with foods and nutritional supplements as they can by any other means, but with fewer complications and side effects.  Naturopathic physicians receive more than 140 classroom hours in clinical nutrition; most medical doctors receive fewer than 20 hours.  

- Hydrotherapy
    For 1000's of years, man has used the healing power of water to combat sickness and disease.  The properties of water on the body are well understood, well documented, and put to use for patients of SouthCoast Naturopathic Medicine.  The application of different temperatures of water can either dilate or constrict blood vessals, excite or depress the heart, direct blood flow, stimulate the immune system, and invigorate the body.  This type of control over the cardiovascular and immune systems can be used to help combat disease and bring great comfort to patients without the intervention of drugs.  See the list of hydrotherapy options on the Wellness Services link.  
- Botanical Medicine
    Plants have been used medicinally for centuries and are the  basis for today's modern pharmaceutical medicines.  Botanical medicine is a cornerstone of naturopathic education.  Even though herbal medicine can often be used as an alternative to stronger pharmaceutical medicine, it is not a universal replacement, nor is it safe to use without the guidance of a trained professional.  
- NMT naturopathic manipulative therapy
    In the last 100 years, various methods of applying treatments through the manipulation of the muscles, bones and spine have been developed in the U.S.  Naturopathic Medicine has its own techniques, collectively known as NMT, which makes use of physical medicine including, but not limited to: physiotherapy, ultrasound, diathermy, spinal and extremity oint manipulation, muscle stretching and exersize therapy.  
-FIRS (Far Infrared Sauna) therapy
    The technology of the far infrared sauna allows patients to tolerate the sauna better than the regular high heat sauna.  It uses a heat energy that penetrates deeper into tissues triggering mobilization of chemicals from fat storage and into the blood stream, then finally into sweat.  This is done at a much lower temerature (130-164 F) and consequently is more easily tolerated by patients.  The Mayo Clinic studies demonstrated that FIRS are the safest way to induce healing sweat using the most heat sensitive cardiac patients as proof.  

Detoxification is but one of the many uses that the FIRS affords patients.  A toxic overload has been implicated in many health conditions, from fibrocystic breast disease (FBD) in women to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children.  Symptoms of overload include fatigue, headaches, joint or muscle pain, frequent colds and flues, signs of allergy and hormonal imbalance, chemical sensitivity, sinus congestion, psoriasis and other skin conditions, loss of dexterity, insomnia and more.  Psychological symptoms include poor concentration, memory loss, mood changes, mental confusion and changes in behavior.

Other benefits that FIRS offers besides detoxification include: weight loss, pain relief, dermatological benefits, rejuvenation internally as well as externally, enhancement of the immune system, and stress reduction.  

Combining the use of lymphatic drain through massage to stimulate circulation and mobilization of toxins before the sauna, and vitamin and mineral therapy to aid in detoxification and replenishment of lost nutrients after the sauna, yields optimum results.  

Homeopathy - NAH!  Homeopathy is not a therapy used by Dr. Davis 

Please See Link below to read about why Homeopathy is NOT offered at SouthCoast Naturopathic Medicine





1.       First Do No Harm

2.       Use the healing power of nature

3.       Discover and treat the cause of disease

4.       Treat the whole person

5.       Physician as teacher

6.       Prevention is the best cure

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