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What is a Naturopathic Physician?

Naturopathic Physicians are general practitioners trained as specialists in natural and alternative medicine.  They attend a four-year medical school being educated in conventional medical sciences and a wide variety of natural therapeutics.  Naturopathic Physicians receive over 3300 hours of classroom instruction and over 1200 hours of clinical rotations.  Naturopathic medicine is effective in treating most health problems, whether acute or chronic.  Naturopathic Physicians cooperate with all other branches of medical science, referring patients to other practitioners for diagnosis of treatment when appropriate. 

In practice, Naturopathic Physicians perform physical examinations, laboratory testing, gynecological exams, nutritional and dietary assessments, metabolic analysis, allergy testing, x-ray examinations, and other diagnostic tests.  They are the only primary care physicians clinically trained in the use of a wide variety of natural therapeutics.  They combine and tailor these treatments to the needs of the individual based on a cogent philosophy that acknowledges the patient as a participant.